Experience traveling through your life.
Town Yui Minpaku brand

About us

まち結い⺠泊ブランド、Kamon Inn。
わたしたちは、「まち」に馴染んだ家のような空間と、自宅に友人を招くようなおもてなしで、 京都の「暮らし」を旅するような体験をお届けします。

What is a trip for you?
Go to famous tourist destinations, eat gorgeous food, stay in luxury inns.
Each person's journey is good, and I think it's different from time to time.
But we
If you come to Kyoto with all your might, please take a trip to "living".
A small home-cooked restaurant run by a married couple, a public bath that has been the setting for movies for over 70 years, and people who are trying to update their culture.
In Kyoto, there are many hidden expressions of the "town" that you can notice because you live.
If there is an inn that combines the charms of such a "town," I think that you can travel as if you were looking into "living."
Kamon Inn, a town-tied night brand.
We will provide you with the experience of traveling the "living" of Kyoto, with a home-like space familiar to the "town" and hospitality that invites friends to your home.

Hospitality. Kamon Inn cherishes this word, which can be said to be the common language of the world.

However, it is difficult for customers and staff to communicate face-to-face with our service centered on overnight stays.

That is why we want to explore new forms of hospitality that we can create together with the community and people.

Co-creation of hospitality from here.

It is the beginning of a story that shifts from a trip to enjoy spots to a trip to enjoy encounters.

We look forward to welcome you.



会社名 株式会社いろは
代表 三浦剛士
住所 東京都品川区上大崎3-5-4 田中ビル403
電話 03-6721-6621
webサイト iroha-house.com